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Pattern Release: MITTENS / GLOVES


Handschuhe im falschen Wabenmuster mit Wellenrippenbündchen

(Fäustlinge oder Fingerhandschuhe)

© Rahymah / Rahymah Handworks

Pattern: Mock Honeycomb Wave Rib / Anleitung: Waben und Wellen

The pattern is for private non-commercial use ONLY!


Yarn: Schulana Merino Cotton 135 (colour 51 [ecru], two balls

Garn: Schulana Merino Cotton 135 (Farbe 51 [ecru], zwei Knäule

Needles: 1 set of double point needles size 3.5 mm, 1 set of two point needles size 2.5 mm (If you like better to knit with circular needles, you will also need 2 in size 3.5 mm.)

Nadeln: Nadelspiel Gr. 3,5 mm, Nadelspiel Gr. 2,5 mm (Wenn du Rundstricknadeln bevorzugst, dann benötigst du noch 2 Rundstricknadeln Gr. 3,5 mm.)

graph for row 6

graph for row 6

20 thoughts on “Pattern Release: MITTENS / GLOVES

  1. These are very pretty. I never seem to be able to use the size of needle recommended in patterns, so I’m wondering what is your approximate stitch gauge? Thanks.

    • I have looked at it (has been a loong time since I have knitted them). It means that you in the last repeat end with k2 instead of k3. I don’t have the WORD file anymore so I can’t change it in the pattern directly. It have been my baby steps in pattern writing.

  2. Thank you for replying. You have “cast on 48 stitches”. Round 5: k1, *insert needle under the loose strands and knit the next st, k3* rep, end k2. This is how I calculated – 48-k1=47 sts. Repeats of “knit the next st, k3 “(4 stitches) so 4×11=44 (4×12=48 so cannot be since we only have 47 stitches left on the needle). If I end with k2, I have an extra stitch = 44+end with k2 = 46. I have been looking at this for 2 days now and cannot figure it out. Please help me :)

    • No, I mean after the last k under strand, only k2 to complete the chart, not knitting the k2 and the k1 before the next k under strand. : )

      • I started with 40 stitches since I have small hands. Now, I am 8 sts short for the fingers. Do I add 2 sts per finger (except for the thumb)?

      • If your hands are smaller, your fingers will be a bit thinner too. You can see if 10 sts per finger is enough width for you. If not, you can increase 2 sts each finger as you said.

  3. I am at Round 6; Cast on 8 stitches, knit to end. Do I cast on as the last 8 or the first 8. If first 8 (after 8 on stitch holder), then I will need to add another yarn?

    • You k the first 16 sts of the row, then put sts 17 to 24 on a stitch holder, between your 16th st and the k to end, you cast on 8 sts. I have added a graph to the post to show you. I hope this helps you.

      • Sorry. I should have specified that I am on the right hand still so R6 – cast on 8 sts etc. will follow your graph to see if it helps.

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